The problem you may not know you have:

Ever feel that you're wasting your GYM MEMBERSHIP because you're not using it at much as you need to?

Ever wanted guidance on exercise, but stopped by the massive, unsustainable cost of personal training?

Or...maybe you've already SPENT thousands of ringgit in your attempt to lose weight, tone up, or build muscle...but saw absolutely nothing?


Why is this happening?

The reason why these things are happening is because of training direction. When you don't have (or have improper) training direction...

  • It's impossible to be motivated

  • It's impossible to see good results, and

  • It's impossible to do fitness with limited time and limited budget.


But it doesn't have to be this way!

When we first started HB, we have two choices:

  1. Do like other businesses do. Give people what they WANT, and open a gym & make easy money...


  2. Do what you NEED and provide guidance so that you can be motivated, stay motivated, SEE RESULTS and doing it in a way that is affordable for everyone.


We are not a gym. We're a place that helps people to get motivated, stay motivated and see good results...all the while staying true to your budget and staying true to your time commitments.


So if you've been telling yourself that:

  • "I can't afford to do fitness"

  • "I don't have motivation" / "I am too lazy"

  • "I don't know how to work out"

  • "I GOT NO TIME!"

...then consider that all you need is simply a little bit of guidance and all these problems will go away.



STEP 1 - Learn How To Engineer A 'Built To Burn' Body (FREE TRAINING)

You won't object to free training, right?

In this video course, you will learn: 

  • How some people can stay lean all year round while others struggle EVERY DAY

  • The stupidity(!) of a 'Work To Burn' and the smarts of a 'Built To Burn' training approach!

  • How to make fitness fun, sustainable, and more importantly...economical.

This course alone will save you thousands and thousands of unnecessary spending in RM but you can have it for free.



STEP 2 - Join The HB Community As Member

How would you like a place to apply ALL these lessons you just learned from the Built To Burn course...under the watchful eyes of our highly trained trainers?


Benefit #1

Unlimited access to Honey Badgers Coaching Facility

Operating Hours:
6am to 11pm Weekdays
10am to 6pm Weekends


Benefit #2

Start it RIGHT...with a 1:1 Movement Assessment

- Identify Weakness, Balance, Tightness
- Movement Readiness
- Bodyweight Proficiency
- External Weight Proficiency


Benefit #3

Accelerate RESULTS with your customized PRE & POST workout routines

- Fix Weaknesses
- Gain Flexibility On Tight Muscles
- Reduce Learning Curve


Benefit #4

Join ANY training sessions

- BadgerWOD (Open Gym)
- LIFT (Build-type)
- BOLT (Build + Burn)

*Always a ‘Build’ element present*


Benefit #5

Personalized Attention

- Always available on LIFT & BOLT sessions
- 1:9 ratio of Trainer:Client
- Learn how to do exercises YOUR way
- Scaled Intensity


Benefit #6

Community Connection

- 100+ community members
- Network, make friends, & support each other

The investment starts at only RM1,467 for 3 months upfront.

For Further Questions / To Sign Up, Call Felix @ 016-9730 448